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Welcome to the June 2017 
American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS) E-Newsletter.

Our new monthly E-News provides information   about activities,    upcoming events, and resources to connect the psychology-law community.

AP-LS aspires to excel as a valuable, effective, and influential organization advancing the science of psychology-law and the translation of psychology-law knowledge into practice and policy.  

Our most recent full PDF Newsletter (Winter 2017) is available hereWe are in the process of appointing a new editor, who will take over the E-News and transition from the PDF Newsletters to the E-News, which will occur in August 2017.  In the period of transition from Jan through Aug 2017, Tess M.S. Neal, AP-LS Member-at-Large, is creating and sending the E-News.


Division 41 in D.C. August 3-6, 2017

Division 41 is proud to bring you quality and diverse programming and events during the American Psychological Association's 125th Annual Convention in Washington, D.C.     

Some highlights include: 

  • 4 co-sponsored programs, including "LGBT Equality," "Addiction," "Police-Community Relations," and "Sexual Violence on Campus"
  • 8 collaborative programs sponsored by AP-LS, including "Neuroimaging," "Sexual Violence on Campus," "Early Career Compass," and "Bullying"
  • More than 40 co-listed programs supported by AP-LS, including "The Wage Gap," "Parental Incarceration," and "#Blacklivesmatter"
  • Nearly a dozen co-listed programs for students, including "Intro to R," "Internship," and "Post-Doc Talk"
  • CE Sessions on Ethics in Correctional Settings, Ethics in Forensic Psych, Corrections Reform, and Women's Justice
  • Student section symposium - Social Science and Public Policy, Law
  • Book signing - Datchi & Ancis "Gender, Psychology, & Justice"
  • Div 41 Social Hour
  • Business Meeting
  • 3 poster sessions
  • Hospitality suite

See here for more details about these sessions.  Also, the online convention program will be available here in late June, with more details included.

Thanks to Co-Chairs Monica Miller and Twila Wingrove for their hard work on this AP-LS programming.


San Francisco, CA
August 9-12, 2018

Twila Wingrove, Evelyn Maeder, & Natalie Anumba have been named as the APA 2018 Convention Co-Chairs for Division 41 programming.  Twila and Evelyn bring experimental expertise, while Natalie has expertise in clinical forensic psychology.  

Given the 2-year terms that are traditionally served, Evelyn and Natalie will also be Co-Chairs for APA 2019 (Chicago), and a future President will decide whether to keep it at two Co-Chairs for that Convention or appoint a third Co-Chair.


Common Ground Series Article 

Common Ground, sponsored by the AP-LS Student Committee, is a new Newsletter /  E-News series designed to foster collaboration among lawyers, psychologists, and students in AP-LS. It seeks to highlight the unique contributions each group can make to the field of law-psychology. Each article will be co-authored by a student, a psychologist, and a legal professional in order to explore relevant issues from each perspective. 

In this first article, Jennifer Kamorowski, J.D., Heather Ellis Cucolo, J.D., & Allison D. Redlich, Ph.D. describe a new law, called "International Megan's Law," requiring registered sex offenders to bear a "unique identifier" on their U.S. passports. The article poses 3 arguments for why the passport identifer is not justified. Read the article on pages 7-12 of the latest PDF Newsletter here


Dave DeMatteo delivered his Presidential Address at this year's AP-LS annual conference in March.  His title was "AP-LS and the Field of Psychology-Law: A Blueprint for the Future." To view the video-recorded address, click here.

President DeMatteo's presidential initiative has focused on increasing the "L" in AP-LS this year.  Several components to this initiative include:

  • Increasing the presence, contribution, and influence of law students, legal scholars, and legal practitioners in AP-LS
  • Promoting the research being conducted by our members to legislators, policymakers, and administrators
  • Keeping AP-LS members informed about legal developments that are relevant to our membership
  • Encouraging a research focus on topics that require combined psychology-law expertise and that have implications for policy and practice


Our Website has a wealth of information, such as Graduate Programs in psychology and law, Job Listings, Postdoctoral Opportunities, Predoctoral Internship Opportunities, Specialty Ethical Guidelines, conference information, awards and grants, and more.  Visit us here.  

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        AP-LS seeks to advance the science of psychology - law and the translation of psychology-law knowledge into practice and policy.  Our mission is to enhance well-being, justice, and human rights through science and practice of psychology in legal contexts.